Susplan’s team is formed by construction professionals with over 30 years experience in the sector, you can trust. Many customers ask us where our shop is, the answer is this is our store! our presence is purely “on line” since long ago we decided to let go of structure that made us less competitive. On the contrary we are of the few that offer a 10 year warranty on all our work, all signed under a contractual relationship.

Each of our projects is studied individually. We want to offer a personalized service and fully adapt to each of our customers and clients. Besides the proximity in treatment, when work on the cleanliness and order is a fundamental part of our way of doing things.

We have many years established in Sector 2 Bucharest, where we have a large number of satisfied customers. Take a look to our most recent projects. Our budgets are adjusted to market prices but always in line with what our customer wants to spend.

All our employees are highly qualified and are specialists in their profession. Technical and human values of our team will ensure optimal results.